5 Exceptional Travel influencers to follow on Instagram

by Tia

In a world where visual storytelling has taken over, Instagram has become that part of the puzzle to the travel world, allowing us to virtually traverse continents and cultures through the eyes of adventurous souls.

Here are five remarkable travel influencers we adore.

We are setting you up for a travel win, food spots win, we love doing it for you. Now let’s hit you up.

1. Travel Girl Boss

We love an aesthetically pleasing page, with a touch of fashion style, exuding joy through all the travels. This page pins just that. Her recent travel destination was Paris, France darlings. The way she captures images is eye-pleasing. Travel Girl Boss’s photography not only captures the essence of each destination but also reflects the soulful experiences she encounters along the way. We love it.

2. Travelmonster.nl

A joint account between two people in love, Mark Daniel and Judith Maria, what’s there not to love about two love birds in wanderlust? Their content is breathtaking. With places that we never imagined possible, they discover the beauty of many spaces in the world. Their feed is filled with blue hues snapping images around water, green to capture nature, and orange hues to capture the sunsets. You are going to follow this page at first glance, making sure that they capture high buildings as well to perfectly show the design and architectural art of it well.

3. The Travel Pro

A young man whose heart is set on fire by travel of medicine. His feed is a vibrancy of waters and topless. Throw us in the waters and we are going with Travel Pro. This is where you get to see all types of inbuilt pools and awesome oceans. Variety is the keyword.

 He has an eye for breathtaking landscapes, diverse places, and awe-inspiring water adventures and evokes an earthly demeanor to get in touch with the land and your soul, whilst living your best life. Head over to the Travel Pro and see what we mean. His sense of wanderlust is both irresistible and contagious we want to be by the waters right now.

4. Kirsten Alana

She calls herself a former nomad and then NYer, now an LA-based travel photographer and conscious storyteller. Her captions are straight from a true traveller’s heart luring you enough and inspiring you to plan your own trip to the best places. You can see the love for art through the way she captures spaces and makes sure the picture depicts the artsy element.

Her authentic approach to travel encourages his audience to embrace the beauty of serendipitous discoveries. She shows the world’s beauty but also celebrates the diverse tapestry of spaces. We love it.

5. Naturesms

Very calm and serene moments. Naturesms influences us to step out of our comfort zones and embrace the unknown nature-like spaces. The infectious serene enthusiasm for life’s adventures through the lens inspires others to seek their own thrilling experiences. The passion for adventure behind the lens is evident knows no bounds and throws in the thrill of calmness.

The feed is a love letter to nature. Naturesms kind of highlights sustainable travel, showing the importance of preserving these natural wonders for generations to come, placing captions in such a way that makes the followers connect with the earth and find solace in the beauty of the great outdoors. The discovery sense reminds us travel lies not only in the destinations we reach but, in the experiences, we gather along the way.

Grab your virtual passport and let’s travel with eyes before we actually step into these spaces.

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