Don’t Wait for Summer! Don’t Wait for People!

by Tia

Sometimes you kill a moment that can turn out to be the most adventurous by waiting and thinking too hard. Summer isn’t the only season, yes it might be considered the best, but so is spring, Autumn, and Winter if you allow them to be. The same thing goes for people. If your best friend doesn’t feel like going on that international trip or doesn’t have the funds for it, so you are also not going because she won’t make it.

We make you reconsider with these five amazing places you would love to visit in other seasons besides summer, and five amazing places you would enjoy on your solo trip.

Five countries you would enjoy on your solo trip

South Africa

The ambiance, the serenity. You are going to find yourself loving the alone moments at Cape Town by the beach, reminiscing on life, with the best restaurants along Camps Bay Street. Finding somebody to sit with is never a problem. There are many vibey travellers around the city willing to share a moment and a drink.


Imagine horse riding from a place that is far away, where nobody knows you, and having a stranger on your side, who could turn out to be your best mate for life. Solo trips in Norway revive the soul, Extend your itinerary with Arctic and polar bear adventures.


Looking for good energy and optimism. Book your ticket to Vietnam. Known for it’s distinctive shape, Vietnam already sets the tone for rebel and risk-taking. The temples and pavilions of Imperial City of Hue sets a tone of vibrance. Check out the National Parks and Reserves for eye travel flatter.


Great and perfect if you are in your awakening and spiritual journey. Canada will totally leave you revived and soaked in the true essence of life and what life is truly about.  This is the time where peace and ease will soak inside you whilst enjoying.

Costa Rica

Considered one of the happiest countries in the world, why not go find your happy moments with the Ticos? Zip lining is everywhere but in Costa Rica, it’s different you do it over the green gorgeous rainforests, do some snorkeling, and sea kayaking, (only if you know what you are doing.)

Five countries you would love to visit besides the summer season


Seasons changeand Autumn in Japan is just the perfect season. This place during Autumn is embraced by beautiful crimson leaves, making it a beautiful space for taking walks and taking the season in. Cosmos flowers. The perfect place for leaf-viewing would be Tokyo.


Both breathtaking during its very cold days and autumn days, the serenity and breath-taking views, you can take the train up Uetliberg Mountain at Zurich. Maximize your Swiss travel by visiting Lindt Chocolate Shop, which is the world’s; largest chocolate shop. Experience more at a lesser cost.


There are some parts and spaces of China that have prolonged cold weather. Harbin City happens to be one of them. Also known as Ice City, it sets itself apart as a destination that has a touch of European lifestyle. You would probably enjoy the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival.


If you’re looking for a cool and unique experience surrounded by icy landscapes and the cozy ambiance of an ice hotel, then the Ice Hotel is just the place for you! Don’t miss the chance to explore the stunning green spaces by taking a drive – it’s an adventure that lets you connect with nature in this diverse location


Great if you are on your awakening and spiritual journey. Canada will leave you revived and soaked in the true essence of life and what life is truly about.

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