Experience, capture and share epic moments with Family and Friends at the Galaxy KDay Music Festival

by Media Xpose

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – 24 February 2023 – Samsung, in partnership with Primedia’s Kfm 94.5, is bringing Cape Town’s music lovers an epic music festival, the Galaxy KDay, on Saturday, 4 March 2023 at Meerendal Estate. You and your loved ones can finally experience your favourite music festival once again. Life is about creating great memories and with the new Samsung Galaxy S-Series, you can add to the euphoria and share all the special moments with everyone in your circle.

Galaxy KDay music festival is set to give revellers an awesome platform to unwind and enjoy some dancing as they sing along to their favourite artists’ tunes. The exciting line-up that will keep the crowd on its feet includes Mi Casa, Youngsta CPT, Kurt Darren, Will Linley, Nasty C, Emo Adams, Jimmy Nevis, Anica Kiana and DJs Fizz and Shai-A. A truly perfect day to experience, capture and share the epic with one’s family and friends, Galaxy KDay is bound to be an event to remember for a long time for everyone fortunate enough to enjoy it.

Another great companion certain to make the epic even more so would be the Galaxy S23 Ultras, with its larger-than-life character and impressive features. The S23 isn’t simply a next-level smartphone, it is quite a technological marvel. You can capture pictures and videos like a pro with its 200MP ultra-fine precision camera that lets you crop, scale, zoom and print your favourite shots in amazing quality and detail. With this camera, you’ll enjoy greater control and be able to bring out your creative side with the freedom to edit your pictures and videos before capturing them, so there’s no need for post-editing.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra captures the most stunning photos and videos in any condition, day or night, so recording videos of your favourite performances or your family and friends dancing and having the time of their life will also be a breeze regardless of the time of day. No flash, No problem – You can capture special moments in bright and colourful detail whether at home getting ready for Galaxy KDay or outdoors having fun at Meerendale with Samsung and Primedia.

The Galaxy S23’s ‘worry-free battery’1 is designed to last all day, which will give you more time to capture even more epic moments, selfies with your fellow partygoers and maybe even your favourite artist, if you’re lucky enough to get up close and personal with them at KDay. A great added benefit of this improved battery is that even long after the fun day at the festival, you won’t have to stress about load shedding and your phone will power through the dark times.

Should you find yourself in the sun and maybe receive a text, there’ll be no need to cover your phone to be able to read it because the S23’s intelligent display will automatically brighten the screen for you to see clearly. With all these amazing features that the Galaxy S23 has you’d struggle to find a better mobile companion for a music festival or any other occasion for that matter.

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