Hiking tips for all levels 

by Media Xpose

By Tim Lundy: Cape Town Hiking and Glamtrails

  1. Always tell at least one person where you are going and stick to that plan. If your plans change be sure to let that person know so if there is a rescue, they look in the right place. 
  2. Water is your friend and life saver! Carry at least 1 to 1.5 litres of water for any hike. If the weather is forecast to be really hot, you can carry up to 3 litres per person!
  3. Don’t over pack or under pack for a hike. You will get better at this the more experience you have. Under packing is leaving essentials behind and over packing is taking unnecessary items ‘just in case’, like an axe!
  4. Pack essentials like a warm top, rain jacket, water, first aid kit, etc. They can live in your backpack.
  5. Know the route you plan on taking or hike with someone that has done it before and is familiar with the route. Taking on a route nobody knows at all is asking for trouble!
  6. Plan for a four-hour hike and pack for a 24-hour day out. Plan for the worst and hope for the best! Headlamps will save you if night falls and you are still on the trail.
  7. If you start to wonder where you are, you are already getting lost! Turn back and look out for familiar terrain, then start again. If you still don’t come right, then turn back and begin a new plan of action.
  8. If possible, don’t ever hike with a group smaller than four people. One injured or in trouble, one to remain and assist, two to go and get help. Hiking on your own is never a good idea, no matter how safe the trail is.
  9. Start together and end together! Unless it’s an emergency, always keep the group together.
  10. Always have fun when out hiking or you are doing it wrong!

For information on Glamtrails, visit: www.glamtrails.co.za

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