by Tia

Almost each and every person has a bucket list to tick off. People want to let loose, be free and do unimaginable crazy things that pump their hearts up, and get their adrenaline on a vamp rush. We know it, otherwise we wouldn’t be backing it up with this list. You might find your ticks in here, but then again you might also pick a few of your favourites to add onto your already existing list.

We also try so hard to be in control so much that we miss out on great opportunities that we miss on what nature and the universe want to present us with. If your plan fails, and falls off the radar, forget it, it’s okay. Don’t bore yourself over uncontrollable things, and miss a good moment that is ready to unfold right before you. Let life take the toll.

You have your bucket list, but we are hooking you up with 5 ultimate adventure lists. Choose one, choose two, choose three or do all of them.

  1. A transcontinental road trip
  2. Rainforest walks
  3. Sail
  4. Let’s go bungee jumping
  5. Skydiving for sure

Life is such an incredible journey, and for those ready to jump on an adventure, there’s an endless list of thrilling experiences waiting on you. Break free from the ordinary and just live. Just live.

Adventure is adventure, and it’s that time when many just get back to their childlike behaviour and let those personalities come alive. When was the last time you relaxed, let loose and allowed life to take over?

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