Local business boost as KZN South Coast’s Buy Local campaign gains momentum 

by Tia

Support for local businesses is on the rise, with South Coast Tourism & Investment Enterprise (SCTIE) excited to welcome several new organisations to its extensive Buy Local membership. KZN South Coast businesses can join the Buy Local campaign free of charge until 30 June 2025, with SCTIE encouraging businesses to sign up early to enjoy the many benefits. 

“Many of our KZN South Coast businesses are already reaping the benefits of our Buy Local campaign which is prompting more members to join,” Phelisa Mangcu, CEO of South Coast Tourism & Investment Enterprise (SCTIE). “We are continuing to find new ways to uncover potential for businesses and investors by collaborating on initiatives and facilitating agreements with established businesses through Buy Local. With absolutely no cost to businesses until 2025, there’s really no reason not to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Recently Thulikaceb Trading CC signed on as a Buy Local member. The waste management and recycling company based in Murchison on the KZN South Coast is a black woman-owned organisation that collects waste from local shops, schools, and government departments. This is then compacted and recycled, tackling the extensive litter problem in rural and urban areas while selling the compacted material to big companies based in Durban and Richards Bay. The company, which has an environmental compliance certificate, currently employs five people but has plans to expand with a new plant opening in Mkholombe. The team has identified a gap in the market – collecting water bottles and is currently searching for more areas to do so. The team also collects PET plastic water bottles, HL1 white paper, K4 cardboard, and plastic. 

Also joining the Buy Local campaign is Sky Drop Atmospheric Water, an eco-friendly company that extracts water from the air using atmospheric water generators. This black, woman-owned business in Gamalakhe township produces approximately 750 litres of water per day for local shops, funeral parlours, local restaurants, car washes, special functions, and more. The services currently include water production, re-filling, and personalised water bottle branding. They aim to produce up to 5 000 litres a day through the acquisition of more land, machinery, and an alternative energy supply. 

Buy Local Membership

Buy Local forms part of the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition’s (dtic) Buy Back SA initiative that encourages local business support. Companies that qualify for the Buy Local membership include those providing products and services of high quality, with at least 50% of the cost of production of products or services incurred within KZN South Coast. The business needs to currently create employment opportunities for people within the region, or intend to create such opportunities in future. 

Once signed up, Buy Local members enjoy extensive marketing exposure across all of SCTIE’s offline and digital marketing channels; business support and networking opportunities; as well as member credibility and valuable information sharing. Beyond the direct membership benefits, being part of the Buy Local campaign means enjoying a stronger local and national economy, while attracting more investment. This also leads to better community relationships as local value chains are strengthened. 

The Buy Local campaign continues to support the rural sector’s inclusion in the mainstream tourism economy by developing platforms and business connections for SMMEs such as those between crafters, farmers, and growers with retailers. To support the Buy Local campaign, find out more about members, or become a member, visit Buy Local on the www.visitkznsouthcoast.co.za website or click here for a membership form.

Buy Local members on the KZN South Coast enjoy extensive marketing exposure, business support and networking opportunities, as well as member credibility and information sharing.
Thulikaceb Trading CC, a waste management and recycling company based in Murchison on the KZN South Coast, has recently signed on as a Buy Local member.
Thulikaceb Trading CC on the KZN South Coast collects and recycles plastic water bottles, white paper, cardboard, and plastic. As a new member of Buy Local, the company is looking to expand its collection sites for recyclable plastic water bottles.

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