Reebok launches a new range of fresh, ingredients-based body mists.

by Tia

The iconic sports brand has launched new body mists that are inspired by women who perceive, define and experience fitness in their own way. Awaken all the sensations with a spritz of the refreshing body mists, feel the golden dewy skin, the refreshment of cooling-off, the energy bouncing off your body or the sense of calm and fulfilment. With a renewing, ingredient-based vision, the Reebok body mists are aimed for carefree, dynamic women who want to feel the range of emotions and sensations.

Discover Reebok’s Sensation Body mists, with an Ingredient based, botanical inspiration for a healthy feeling skin and a mood-inspiring fragrance, focusing on a moment of wellness to accompany your fitness experience. A cruelty-free, vegan selection of ingredients that focus on a specific sensation to transform your daily experience.

  • Active Hydration Body Mist –  Feel the intense hydration and comfort of a splash of coconut and aloe vera. Fruits and flower with a chill summer vibe, a scent that transports you to a beach nearby, a cruelty-free, vegan instant reset with a quick spritz. 
    Reebok’s Active Hydration is a mist made to enjoy the warmth on your skin.
  • Ultra Cooling Relief Body Mist – Feel the refreshment of the chilled melon and ice green tea. 
    An uncomplicated combination of freshness and good vibes, a scent to envelop and transform with its immediate frosty and appetizing notes.
    Reebok’s Ultra Cooling Relief is a mist made to feel like a splash of cruelty-free, vegan remedy freshness.
  • Captivating Glow – Feel the golden hour on your skin, with a splash of orange blossom and golden pear. 
    A sweet and delicate composition, a warm and pleasantly intricate, cruelty-free, vegan, scent that literally makes you shine.
    Reebok’s Captivating Glow is a mist made to feel a warm, soft sensation. A flowery sophisticated, juicy touch of nature on your skin.
  • Serene Soft Vibes – Feel the calm comfort with a splash of mimosa flower and green matcha. 
    An elaborate mixture of delicate flowers and millenary ingredients that transport you to a moment of inner peace, a cruelty-free, vegan renewal on your skin.
    Reebok’s Serene Soft Vibes is a mist made to feel like a warm sense of fulfilment. A sophisticated, fresh touch of nature on your skin.
  • Revitalizing Boost – Feel the surge of energy with a splash of juicy guava and revitalizing ginger. 
    Fizzy fruits that energize with its appetizing composition, a scent that transports you to your wildest dream; a cruelty-free, vegan boost on your skin.

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