Rev up your protection on the road these holidays

by Tia

The end of year festive season sees many travellers on the road. Unfortunately, this busy time can also lead to vehicle accidents. According to international research[1], mishaps like vehicle breakdowns are 50% more likely to occur than an accident covered by insurance. Mechanical or electrical failures  account for 15% of vehicle incidents in South Africa, according to the Road Traffic Management Corporation[2].

Some drivers could be facing battery failings, starter motor or alternator faults, clutch problems, issues with spark plugs, tyres or transmission glitches among a variety of issues that can go wrong on the road. One thing that can go right, however, is having the right protection in place.

While comprehensive insurance coverage is important, Value-Added Products and Services (VAPS) have broadened the protection you can get for your vehicle. VAPS, including for mechanical warranties, provide an extra layer of security, helping you to manage unexpected costs associated with mechanical or electrical breakdowns.

“Over the festive season, when expenses are typically high, not needing to worry about unexpected vehicle costs is priceless peace of mind,” says Sheraaz Patel, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Motorvaps, provider of vehicle warranties, service plans and other automotive VAPS.

“Proper maintenance is so important, but life can still happen, which is why coverage against unexpected vehicle issues is crucial. Imagine a mechanical problem arising one hour into your half-day long road trip. This is significantly easier to manage if you have VAP cover in place.”

Tips to keep your vehicle safe

It’s important to do your part before setting off on a road trip. Be sure that your vehicle service is complete, your cover up to date and then avoid overloading the vehicle. While there are many reasons why a mechanical failure could happen to your vehicle, there are certain driving habits that are best avoided[3].

Be alert to warning signs. Perhaps a strange noise, dashboard light, or a decrease in performance occurs while driving. “These indicators may signal potential mechanical problems, warranting a prompt inspection by a qualified mechanic. You are also less likely to encounter these types of surprises last minute, if you service your vehicle regularly.”

Managing an older model

There is a growing trend among vehicle owners to keep their vehicles for longer due to the economic climate, which means that many standard warranties have lapsed. As a warranty will cover certain repairs this can put many drivers at financial risk. Older vehicles in particular, require special care and can be costly to maintain.[4]

“It’s crucial to note that as your vehicle ages, the likelihood of experiencing a mechanical breakdown increases, often involving expensive repair parts,” Patel adds.

To safeguard against potential breakdowns, significant expenses, accidents, or worse, having a reliable extended warranty or service plan, especially one covering a pre-owned vehicle, can prove beneficial in covering the components damaged by factors beyond normal wear and tear.

“The main priority for most of us at this time of year is to enjoy a pleasant and safe break. Ensure the likelihood of that outcome, especially with a long road trip ahead, by keeping your vehicle, and VAP cover in check,” Patel concludes.  

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