by Tia

The moment we hear the word relaxation, we think serenity, spas, calming breeze, a bed and doing absolutely nothing. Relaxation comes with it’s own perks; you feel rejuvenated. Relaxing can quiet your mind, ease your soul and reboot your energy. You can even more flexible and less tense.

Sometimes it’ s not about being anywhere even, it’s just about the power of breath and meditation. Enhanced mental clarity and self- care also add to it. This allows one to prioritize their mental health and well-being.

A walk by the beach is always a relaxation win. What’s there not to like about the waters and your feet touching the ground. Doing that helps you stay in touch with the earth and nature, uplifting your inner being.

Spas are also everywhere nowadays and quite affordable. A visit to a spa once a month would do you absolute good, even if it’s once in three months. Find the best spa at a any hotel near you, that you know gives the best service. They are probably going to offer you a side snack and drink at a free cost.

Discovering the oasis of relaxation are a never-ending cue. Sometimes what relaxes you alone, isn’t something that works for majority of the people. Weirdly, some people find relaxation in packing stuff, doing dishes, laundry, and cleaning the house. Something that definitely doesn’t sync as a relaxation moment to many.

In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, finding an oasis of relaxation seems like an elusive dream, but we must reset to be more productive. We are constantly bombarded by a lot of things, even social media. Switch your phone off, go to a quite place, eat clean, sleep well… JUST RELAX!

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