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Review of Steenberg Spa Wellness and Tryn restaurant by Milou

by Tia

Hey everyone, guess where I’ve been this week? Buckle up, because I’m taking you all the way to the slopes of the Constantiaberg mountain range at none other than Steenberg Estate, where relaxation meets luxury.

I’ve been pampered at the spa and dined deliciously at the estate’s restaurant, Tryn. Tryn restaurant pays homage to the woman who started it all, the fascinating and feisty Catharina Ras, the first female land owner in Africa who founded Steenberg in the 17th Century.

The spa…

The spa’s entrance may appear unimpressive from the outside, but upon opening the door, a magical space reveals itself. The welcoming desk resembles a charming retail shop, dressed in dozens of beauty products, jewellery, and clothing items on display.

The clothing available to buy mirrors the earth tones of the employees’ gorgeous linen uniforms. The scent of the place is as delightful as one would expect from a spa. The attention to detail is so remarkable that I even sent a quick video showcasing the interior décor of their restroom to my boss for inspiration in our own office restrooms. I’m thrilled that simple hand towel trays and wicker bins are now part of my daily office life!

The waiting room, where all the administrative tasks are completed before the treatment, was also impressive. It features gorgeous furniture and a fully stocked refreshment station, which was pretty cool.

Thandi, my massage therapist, had a calming energy as we walked together to the scented garden for my treatment. Yes, folks, I was in for a bit of an outdoor experience. The short walk from the spa to the garden was breathtaking. The garden itself was impeccable, and the sparkling pool with its crystal-clear water was irresistibly inviting.

After a quick change into a soft gown in the cloakroom, I embarked on 60 minutes of pure delight. The massage table was positioned in the shade within the scented garden. Just imagine ‘waking up’ after an hour of relaxation amidst the blue sky, powder-white clouds, and various shades of green surrounding you. It’s pure magic! Having a massage outside introduces a different element to the experience. The occasional sunrays, gentle breeze, and birds tweeting provide the perfect sensory add-on.

Tryn restaurant an experience for the tastebuds

After being pampered by my skilled spa therapist, it was time to head to Tryn for lunch under the sun. They’re currently running a R580 three-course special, so be sure to get your table bookings in order because Tryn gets a thumbs up from me. Let me tell you about my experience!

The décor once again was on point; goodness me, it is so elegant and chic! In true Milou style, I let the waitress decide my culinary fate. I asked her to select whatever she wanted to for my three-course meal, assuring her that I would eat anything and couldn’t wait to be surprised.

To be honest, it is more like a five-course meal. For my arrival snack, I was served delicious homemade savoury brioche, flavoured butter and seed crackers. After dessert, I also received the chef’s daily chocolate truffle and fruit jelly! Yummy!

The starter…

As a starter, Thandi (yes, another Thandi), brought out the starter: Artichoke fritters served on a bed of parmesan and rocket salad, spring onion, truffle vinaigrette, and aioli. Imagine this: tender artichoke hearts coated in a light and airy batter, fried to a gorgeous golden brown. I have never tasted artichokes prepared this way before, and I am a huge fan now!

The main…

For the main course, I was served an Asian dish called Umami Glazed Yellowtail, accompanied by a delicious wakame salad, edamame beans, garlic aioli, katsuobushi and finished with a dashi and shitake broth.

I know there are a lot of foreign words here, so let me explain it a bit more. Wakame is an edible seaweed that’s like a green, leafy vegetable from the sea, tasting just like the ocean. Katsuobushi is a Japanese ingredient made from smoked bonito fish. Basically, it’s like super flavourful fish flakes that you sprinkle on food to make it taste delicious. Dashi on the other hand, is a broth or stock that the Japanese use as a secret sauce to make their food taste good; it adds a savoury umami flavour.

The dessert…

Now let’s dive in the dessert. Goodness me, I was hoping Thandi would choose something chocolatey for me, and good lord, she did! When the Warm Dark Chocolate Sphere arrived, I was already doing my little happy dance. Thandi described what I was about to taste: a decadent miso chocolate liquid centre, burnt Italian meringue, berry gel, and peanut butter ice cream sprinkled with popping candy.

I took my first bite of this popping candy sensation and a nearby table celebrating a birthday started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ – I felt included in the event with every bite of this festive dessert.

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