TRAC – with you every kilometre of the Maputo Corridor

by Media Xpose

Trans African Concession (TRAC), manages the TRAC N4 Route from Solomon Mahlangu off ramp in Tshwane Gauteng to the Maputo Port in Mozambique. This 570km-long toll road is a BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) and is also the only international toll concession in Southern Africa.

TRAC has a 30-year concession with the South African and Mozambican national roads agencies – SANRAL and ANE respectively – which was signed in 1997. As the concessionaire of the TRAC N4 Route (aka Maputo Corridor), TRAC must develop and maintain it to such an extent that improves and facilitates the stimulation of trade and investment in its regions – namely Gauteng, Mpumalanga, and Mozambique. This is made possible through the funds generated from toll fees from the six mainline and four ramp plazas that TRAC manages and operates along the route. These are:

Mainline Plazas
Diamond Hill Plaza
Middelburg Plaza
Machado Plaza
Nkomazi Plaza
Ramp plazas
Ekandustria Ramp Plaza
Valtaki Ramp Plaza
Cullinan Ramp Plaza
Donkerhoek Ramp Plaza

Mainline Plazas
Moamba Plaza
Maputo Plaza

Continuous maintenance, expansion and rehabilitation of the Maputo Corridor will result in the South African and Mozambican governments (the legal owners of the road), ‘getting back’ an essentially ‘new road’ at the end of the concession contract in 2028.
The Maputo Corridor has been designed to world class standards with a focus on safety, convenience, and ease of travel.

Safety is one of our core priorities and thus we put great effort into ensuring a safe road for all our road users. We monitor our road closely and take corrective action to improve road safety at prominent accident spots, working together with law enforcement authorities as well as Emergency Services and other important stakeholders.

We believe in being proactive and therefore also conduct daily route patrols. These are handled by our road patrol and emergency response units known as TRACAssist. These units, together with the TRAC 24-hour Helpdesk are available 24/7/365 to assist road users with emergencies, incidents, or queries throughout the Maputo Corridor.

The TRAC Helpdesk is a core element of our operations both in South Africa and Mozambique. Based in the capital of Mpumalanga – Mbombela – it is the link between the road users and the different departments of the company. It also facilitates communication between TRACAssist, state and private emergency assistance stakeholders and road users.

In the event of an emergency along the route, the TRAC 24-hour Helpdesk can be contacted at any time of the day or night, for assistance. The agents on duty will dispatch the appropriate roadside assistance and/or accident response teams as well as alert relevant emergency services to ensure that additional assistance is delivered to road users in need.

In view of this it is advisable to keep TRAC’s helpdesk contact details close by when travelling on the

Maputo Corridor. These contact details are as follows:

Tollfree: 0800 87 22 64
Mobile: 082 881 4444
Toll Free: 800 9022

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