Trifecta of accolades for SA family business at World Travel Awards

by Tia

A trailblazer in the tourism and hospitality industry, The Beekman Group has once again demonstrated its unrivalled commitment to setting the gold standard in the sector. This South African family business clinched the top spot in three coveted categories on Sunday, 15 October at The Atlantis, The Royal in Dubai during the 2023 World Travel Awards’ Africa and Indian Ocean Gala Ceremony.

The ceremony proved to be a resounding success for the group, solidifying their position as industry leaders by garnering honours for South Africa’s Leading Family Resort, South Africa’s Leading Lifestyle Resort, and Mozambique’s Leading Family Resort. “These awards are a validation of the hard work, creativity, and commitment of all our staff members who interact with our guests and go out of their way to put our mantras, training, and culture to use for the people who matter the most – our guests. Winning these kinds of awards fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment among the company’s employees. It reaffirms all of our dedication and hard work, boosting morale and motivation. While receiving awards is a remarkable achievement, it also serves as a reminder that maintaining and surpassing these high standards is essential. It inspires a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within the company,” says Wayne Beekman, Director of The Beekman Group.

The Kingdom Resort: South Africa’s Leading Family Resort 2023

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Pilanesberg, The Kingdom Resort stands tall as South Africa’s Leading Family Resort for 2023. This award acknowledges the resort’s holistic family experience, characterised by spacious accommodation, an array of family activities, and the pioneering Rare Game Experience. Brandon Mans, Customer Experience Manager, emphasised, “The Kingdom Resort is more than just a destination, it’s a gateway to unforgettable family memories in the heart of the African wilderness. Our commitment to creating an all-round family experience is unwavering.”

Cayley Mountain Resort: South Africa’s Leading Lifestyle Resort 2023

Cradled within the Drakensberg Mountains, Cayley Mountain Resort encapsulates the essence of lifestyle-oriented mountain holidays. Its unique blend of natural beauty, outdoor adventures, relaxation, and family-friendly amenities has earned it the title of South Africa’s Leading Lifestyle Resort for 2023 for a second year in a row. Beekman adds, “Cayley Mountain Resort’s success is a testament to our understanding of what makes a destination truly special. We aim to provide our guests with an experience that exceeds their wildest dreams.”

San Martinho Beach Club: Mozambique’s Leading Family Resort 2023

San Martinho Beach Club, situated in the picturesque Bilene, earned back-to-back titles as it was crowned Mozambique’s Leading Family Resort for 2023. The resort’s dedication to providing spacious accommodation, an array of family activities, and top-notch services has catapulted it to the forefront of family-friendly destinations. Beekman continued, “San Martinho Beach Club embodies our vision of making extraordinary holidays the new normal. This commitment to crafting an exceptional family-oriented resort has truly paid off.”

These awards, as well as another recent accolade of KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Award for Renewable Efficiency and Green Initiatives, underscore the group’s commitment to its steadfast dedication to delivering a high standard of service and to their approach towards sustainable solutions and environmental responsibility. Beekman adds, “Awards don’t drive us, people do. Our only objective moving forward is to continue to earn and reaffirm the trust our guests have in our resorts and administrative processes in order to consistently realise our mission to make extraordinary holidays the standard.”

Through innovation, the Beekman Group leads the industry, delivering unmatched value and creating unique experiences for its customers. This innovation is clear in the Group’s latest offering at the three award-winning resorts, which has released opportunities for guests to ‘own’ their piece of paradise through sectional title ownership. According to The Beekman Group, what this sectional title ownership allows is for individuals to purchase a portion or unit within the larger property or development. “This model provides buyers with partial ownership, shared access to common amenities, and a range of benefits that includes greater flexibility in terms of property usage. Owners typically have the freedom to utilise their property for personal stays, rent it out for income generation, or even sell their ownership share if desired. This versatility empowers investors to adapt to changing circumstances and market dynamics, making the investment more adaptable and potentially lucrative – which is why we are thrilled to be making this opportunity available at some of our most popular destinations,” concludes Beekman. For more information on the Beekman Group’s award-winning resorts and sectional title offerings, visit

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