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As the highly anticipated rAge, the Really Awesome Gaming Expo approaches, attendees are in for more than just entertainment; they are in for an educational journey that explores technology, gaming, and coding. This year’s event, hosted at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg from December 8th to 10th, will showcase a variety of educational and development initiatives that highlight the diverse career paths available in the sector.

Unplugged Coding with Six Bricks: A Hands-On Coding Experience

In collaboration with Care for Education, NAG presents ‘Unplugged Coding with Six Bricks,’ an innovative concept designed to provide children with an immersive introduction to computer science and robotics without relying on technology. Attendees of all ages can experience this unique approach to teaching coding through engaging activities at the Kiddies’ Play Zone. Using Lego bricks, participants will learn fundamental computer skills, fostering problem-solving abilities and creativity. Limited sessions will be available on all three expo days, so early arrival is recommended.

The concept is simple: each person receives a set of 2×4 different coloured bricks, with each brick translating to a specific action or ‘line of code.’ Participants engage in hands-on activities where these colourful bricks become the building blocks of their coding adventure. Through this tactile and interactive method, Unplugged Coding transforms abstract coding concepts into a tangible, accessible learning experience for children, providing them with a solid foundation in computational thinking. Get to rAge 2023 for an educational journey where technology meets creativity, one Lego brick at a time.

Eduvos and RGB Gaming: Bridging Education and Esports

Eduvos, voted the best private higher education provider in South Africa, is collaborating with RGB Gaming to showcase its commitment to the future of education by introducing two gaming qualifications—a Higher Certificate in Information Systems (Game Design and Development) and a Higher Certificate in Computing (GameCraft and Development). Visitors can witness Eduvos’s talented student gamers in action at RGB’s stand, competing in an Apex Legends tournament. The event will also celebrate Eduvos’s Game Jam winners, featuring custom games developed by students.

Raging Robots Competition: Code, Battle, Win!

Join the Raging Robots competition, a thrilling coding experience where participants design and programme their bots using drag-and-drop code blocks. The competition, hosted by Raging River/Osiris, invites participants to submit their bots and compete for fantastic prizes, including a Graphic Card, RTX 4080 Gigabyte, a gaming chair from Corsair, and a Corsair keyboard and mouse set. The event will include special competitions and gameplay sessions over the weekend, with the finals on Sunday, December 10th.

WeThinkCode: Shaping Future Software Engineers

WeThinkCode, a leading coding training academy, will showcase its innovative curriculum and training programmes. Attendees interested in pursuing a career in technology can learn more about applying and training to become software engineers. WeThinkCode’s team and students will be present at the expo, offering insights into the world of coding and technology.

The Animation School: Fostering Creative Careers in Animation

Ranked 12th in the world, The Animation School is set to exhibit at rAge 2023 to raise awareness among high school students and industry professionals. The Animation School will host a drawing competition, giving participants a chance to win XPPen Deco Mini drawing tablets. Additionally, the school has partnered with Netflix, Chocolate Tribe, and Preymaker studios to offer scholarships and bursaries to aspiring animators.

In addition to these exhibits, visitors are encouraged to discover the dynamic gaming landscape of South Africa at rAge’s Home_Coded section, showcasing a diverse array of innovative titles:

Ingozi Games – Poached : Hunt The Hunter: Embark on a challenging adventure as a game ranger defending the wilderness from ruthless poachers in ‘Poached : Hunt The Hunter.’ Currently in early access, this first-person shooter blends old-school gameplay with crafting, looting, and RPG elements. With an open map, day/night cycle, and a remarkable 100% score on Steam, the game offers a thrilling survival experience filled with hilarious battles and unique activities.

Meow Meow Wizard Arena: Join epic battles of chonky wizard cats in ‘Meow Meow Wizard Arena,’ an online multiplayer game developed over 18 months. This imaginative creation invites attendees to experience the magic of the arena, explore in-game costumes for sale, and follow the whimsical world on Instagram and TikTok.

Glitch Portal – Themba: The Last Hope: Step into the cultural storytelling realm with Glitch Portal’s debut game, ‘Themba: The Last Hope.’ This retro-pixel roguelike adventure, set in Azania, follows Themba and the spirit of Shaka Zulu on a quest to save a kidnapped friend. Explore mythological creatures, vibrant landscapes, and learn isiZulu in this educational yet thrilling game, available to play at the Glitch Portal stand.

World Turtle: Explore enchanting world of ‘World Turtles,’ a captivating game currently in early access with over 39,000 Steam wish lists. This promising creation anticipates a full release around Q2 of 2024, offering a magical journey with unique features that captivate gaming enthusiasts.

Avoid – ΔVØID Experience the thrill of ‘ΔVØID,’ a fast-paced first-person endless-runner with a twist. Navigate through eight procedurally generated environments, overcoming merciless obstacles with jumps, slides, dashes, and twists.

Bottom of Form

Visit rAge for an immersive educational experience in technology, gaming, coding, and local development. Discover the endless possibilities that these fields offer and unlock the door to a future filled with innovation and creativity.

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