Elephant Moments Hoedspruit – An inspirational elephant experience

by Media Xpose

Elephant Moments Hoedspruit is open daily from 06:30 – 08:00 and offers a 90-minute educational elephant experience with two to three elephants of the Jabulani Herd. Pre-booking is essential.

The Jabulani Herd has inspired many people around the world with their stories of rescue and survival, due to the human-elephant conflict that continues to threaten elephants as a species.

They are a unique, tight-knit herd that has not only accepted one another as orphans, but continue to welcome orphaned calves that need another family to accept them unconditionally, something rarely seen in wild herds. Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development (HERD) provides a safe place for the herd to thrive in a semi-wild environment, as well as a dedicated orphanage for the rehabilitation for orphaned baby elephants as they gradually integrate into herd.

Side by side, the Jabulani Herd browse, swim and play happily in the beautiful bush of the Kapama Reserve. Never having to worry again of being alone, this herd is showered with love and affection from their passionate carers who care for and protect them daily. Years of dedication and commitment from our elephant carers and our staff as well as the support from visitors and donors have undoubtedly helped these orphans grow into the happy herd that they are today.

The Elephant Moments experience is a respectful and memorable early morning where visitors have the chance to learn invaluable information about elephants and get the opportunity to meet a few  of these gentle giants and understand them and their immense importance as a keystone species to our ecosystem.

Beyond being a life-changing experience, visitors also contribute financially to the survival of the herd to ensure the sustainability and well-being of the elephants.

Visit www.elephant-moments.com for information or to make a booking for the 90-minute elephant experience.

Visit  www.herd.org.za for more information about HERD, South Africa’s first elephant orphanage or follow the elephants on Youtube  HERD Elephant Orphanage South Africa – YouTube

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