Artistry… Re-energising Sandton for a new generation

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The rule of three applies in meaningful ways to so many areas of everyday life as far back as the three wise men. In nature, land, sea and air are a triad to be reckoned with. Earth, Wind and Fire are Motown icons. Even in the composition of a beautiful photograph, the rule of thirds is the secret weapon.

And, so it is with the collaboration between two South African brands that consciously choose to partner with other best-in-class brands. Award-winning musician, J’Something has partnered with hotel and apartment network, BlackBrick to conceptualise Artistry. The trilogy approach applies to all aspects of their brand-new venture; from an operations perspective Artistry, will benefit from the expertise and experience of seasoned music and entertainment entrepreneur, Ricardo Da Costa (the man behind The Ivy and Altitude Beach). Artistry – where a night out on the town will be a full cultural immersion in one building – is set to ignite the entertainment scene in Sandton in early 2023.


New kid on the Sandton block

Artistry is a three-level experience which will take guests on a journey from the rooftop restaurant, then on to the middle level for live music and theatre performances and, finally, to the street-level lounge bar for an unforgettable after party. The perfect trilogy operating in one eco-system and igniting all the senses.

J’Something expands on the inspiration behind Artistry: “Everything we do is inspired by the classics, the things that have managed to stand the test of time; from the food to the drinks, the interior and the architecture, we keep it real by only adding the essential parts to our spaces.”

The Rooftop will include an eatery, bar, pool and outdoor cinema. This is the meeting place, the spot where friends gather to celebrate life and the philosophy of living freely over pre-dinner drinks and great flavourful food that people can relate to whilst enjoying the surrounding city views. The menu will take a purist approach to classics like steak and potatoes or fish and chips, pizzas, burgers – but all will be prepared with finesse.

The 100-seater Theatre is intended as the birthplace of original ideas and will be home to a variety of performances ranging from unplugged music and theatrical performances to comedy shows, movie premieres and unique curated talks.

So, what happens once Artistry guests have eaten their favourites from a menu filled with classic dishes and watched an exceptional performance, but they are not ready to call it a night? It’s time to listen to really good vinyl set from some of SA’s pioneering DJ crew at the AfterParty Bar which is filled with delicious monsters and opens onto a planted terrace. The perfect spot to sip on a selection of classic cocktails over conversations dissecting the thought-provoking performance in the Theatre or just shooting the breeze. Essentially guests at the AfterParty level of Artistry can set the tone for the way they want to end a night on the town.

Location, location, location

Key to the concept is of course the location of Artistry. BlackBrick is a place where people can live and work freely between cities with the flexibility of long or short apartment and hotel stays. The on-site hotel element means guests at Artistry also have the option of staying over to really make a night of it, alleviating the hassle of nominating a designated driver or using a ridesharing app to head home!

From an economic perspective, this development could be the catalyst for the rebirth of Sandton not just as a business node, but as a cultural node too attracting a new generation of South Africans and visitors from around the globe. Artistry is a major cultural investment following the financial investment of buyers into the BlackBrick Sandton development in excess of R500-million over the last three years, making this the best-selling development in Sandton. The new creative partnership is an extension of the BlackBrick ethos. This would be the alchemy of Artistry.

The Artistry brand and concept creates a platform for the intersection of big business and small business. Sandton has historically been very corporate, but Artistry signifies the integration of lifestyle and leisure in a world where the lines between personal space and working space have been blurred in the wake of the Covid pandemic. Few things remain unchanged and Joburg is starting to re-energise but it is no longer a corporate suited culture. The key to the future success of Sandton will be emerging as a city that is alive 24/7 similar to New York or Amsterdam. Projects like Artistry anchor this hope.

Stop, collaborate and listen…

Food and hospitality are in his DNA and speaking from a cultural perspective, J‘Something believes this is a platform for growth across all the creative industries: “BlackBrick and myself have come together as creative minds on this project. The name Artistry really does explain a lot about what we are trying to achieve. This is not meant to be a trendy nightspot for a set period of time, it is intended to become a way of life. The Artistry philosophy even extends to the furniture which features mostly recycled pieces. Things that have stood the test of time will be given the stamp of Artistry.”

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