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South Africa, September 2023 – Fire Island Eco Retreats has announced a rebirth, and a crucial milestone in its journey, with an intuitive voice that truly reflects its guests’ desire to explore and experience Africa. Showcasing its proudly diverse portfolio of exquisite, uncharted destinations and experiences, we welcome Unfound Africa.

Fire Island Eco Retreats was born after the purchase of Fire Island (Ilha do Fogo) in Mozambique. A special place where their carbon-offsetting efforts are concentrated. From there, the portfolio quickly grew to conserve and protect the turtle-strewn little Island, and a new name was required to spotlight the rest of this illustrious portfolio, which includes the sumptuous Vida Nova Collection.

Southern Africa is home to raw beauty, abundant biodiversity, adventure activities, and an inspiring mix of cultures; it is unlike anywhere else on Earth. Proudly showcasing this destination in the name was unanimously decided during a rebranding brainstorm.

Unfound Africa director, Lynette Whittaker, states 

“I am delighted to announce this exciting new direction for our company. Unfound Africa embodies our true identity and symbolises our mission to bring travellers to this wondrous part of the world, to discover unique, untrodden destinations. We know that our guests do not want the typical break that thousands of others experience, and they do not want to be crowded in on every side by throngs of tourists. We know you crave a secret escape that you can later whisper about at social events and be met by awe-struck faces. We empathise with this desire to reach inspiring, breathtaking, off-the-beaten-path destinations and activities that connect you to nature.”

Although eco has been dropped from their name, it has not changed their ethics. Unfound Africa will always be eco-centric, but they believe that they do not need to shout about it in their name. “As responsible tourism operators who have a love affair with Mother Earth, sustainability will unfailingly underpin everything that we do. Everything that we are,” says Lynette.

Stay updated on this transformative journey and connect with Unfound Africa through digital channels:


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Instagram: @UnfoundAfrica

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YouTube: @UnfoundAfrica

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About Unfound Africa:

Unfound Africa is a curated collection of properties and experiences across Africa. It aims to bring guests to unexplored, transcendent destinations, where they will be made to feel special. Each property in the portfolio is unique, but underpinning all is the same soul of exceptional guest service and a golden thread of eco-centricity. Unfound remains devoted to showcasing its values and building its passion for purpose and identity around sustainable, remarkable, and unforgettable experiences.

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