Nature and bush lovers: On-the-go skin support

by Media Xpose

Launching skinSOOTHE bush: skinSOOTHE’s latest 100% natural product is aimed at providing on-the-go skin support for nature and bush lovers.

Unplanned skin conditions can develop on a picnic, during a formal or informal hike, on a stroll in your local park, a fishing trip, or a trip into the bundus. Be prepared for almost any skin issue that can develop with skinSOOTHE bush. It has been formulated as a safe and natural alternative for the treatment of a wide variety of skin conditions that might be encountered in nature and the bush.

skinSOOTHE bush will provide relief for any type of rash or itchy, painful, allergic skin reaction, ranging from insect, mosquito and spider bites, to getting in contact with poisonous or thorny plants, or a rash from sitting on the grass. It also provides relief for razor burn after that quick shave in the morning to get ready for a day in the bush.

Tired after a long, hot day out in nature? skinSOOTHE bush will provide relief for exposed skin and tired feet and limbs. Use it to cool and refresh hot and flushed faces and skin exposed to harsh conditions (like wind and heat) while out and about. Spritz it on tired, swollen or burning feet, and tired, aching, overworked legs during and after those long walks in the bush. It will be extra refreshing if cooled before spritzing.

Accidental sunburn is moreoften than not part of a holiday or when you are out in nature. It only takes one time of not applying that sunscreen properly. skinSOOTHE bush will provide quick relief for sunburnt skin, reduces redness and peeling, and aid in healing.

And then those other unforeseen incidents. A minor burn picked up at the braai or a bruise while unpacking the car. skinSOOTHE bush soothes and relieves minor burns and painful bruises. Give skinSOOTHE bush some time to work its magic for these, as a spritz onto the affected area might not provide long term relief. Do a more intensive “treatment” by applying a cotton wool soaked with the solution for a few minutes.

We almost forgot to mention that skinSOOTHE bush can also be used as a mosquito repellent (a nice smelling on top of it all). Just spray on exposed skin to keep those irritating mosquitos away.

All of this is packaged in a handy, easy to use 100ml spray bottle. The spray is gentle on the skin and spreads and settles nicely for quick absorption and relief – there is no need to rub it in.

skinSOOTHE bush is 100% natural, non-greasy, gentle and versatile. It is free from harmful ingredients which makes it safe for frequent and continuous use. Use it on-the-go, anywhere, any-time!

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