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Proudly SA has celebrated the success of its recently concluded three-day Local Wine Expo, which has left Johannesburg buzzing with excitement as it provided an extraordinary platform for 30 passionate winemakers to showcase their exceptional products to the media, retail buyers, and discerning consumers. The Local Wine Expo not only celebrated the diverse flavours of local wines but also played its part in promoting emerging wine brands, emphasizing the significance of fostering innovation in the industry and its profound impact on job creation.

The Local Wine Expo, held from Thursday 13th to Saturday 15th July 2023, brought together an array of talented winemakers, 70% of whom were women-owned brands. At least half of the traders sold out their stock by the end of the Expo, a meeting of oenophiles from across the region. 

Now in its second year, the primary objective of Proudly SA’s Local Wine Expo was to create an environment where up-and-coming wine brands could gain exposure and forge connections with key stakeholders, including media representatives, retail buyers, and wine enthusiasts. By offering a platform for these talented winemakers to present their unique offerings, the Local Wine Expo served as a catalyst for success, enabling them to break through barriers and reach new heights in their entrepreneurial journeys, helping to tackle our nation’s age-old challenges of unemployment, inequality and poverty.

One of the most significant outcomes of the Local Wine Expo, which speaks to our mandate as Proudly SA, is the amplification of opportunities for local winemakers which, we wholeheartedly believe, leads to job creation and retention within the industry. By providing a space for these emerging wine brands to connect with retail buyers, our Local Wine Expo plays a vital role in facilitating distribution partnerships and expanding market reach. This increased demand not only benefits the winemakers themselves but also generates a ripple effect that boosts the local economy, creating employment opportunities across the value chain, from grape growers and cellar workers to marketing and sales professionals.”

“We are thrilled by the overwhelming success of the Local Wine Expo,” said Happy MaKhumalo Ngidi, Chief Marketing Officer at Proudly SA. “By providing a platform for these talented winemakers, we are not only showcasing the unique flavours and diversity of our country but also creating opportunities for economic growth and job creation. We believe in the power of buying and supporting local brands for job creation, and we’re delighted by the distance this Expo has carried us towards reaching our goal.”

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