QUIZ: Is a Ladies’ Getaway for You?

by Tia

First Group’s quick quiz will help you decide

Your friends are planning a girl’s trip to get away from it all but you’re still on the fence, not sure if it’s the right thing for you. First Group, leaders in business and leisure accommodation, have put together a quiz to help you determine if a proposed fun-filled break with your girlfriends will resonate with your personal preferences.

“Getaways with a group of friends can be a great way to relax and let your hair down, says Shaun Lamont, Managing Director of First Group. “However, there are various aspects that should be considered to avoid a potential mismatch of expectations,” he advises.

Question 1: How important is spending quality time with your friends?

a) Extremely important – I treasure the moments I share with my friends.

b) Somewhat important – I enjoy spending time with friends, but I also value alone time.

c) Not very important – While I like my friends, I don’t feel the need to spend dedicated time with them.

Question 2: What type of activities do you envision for this getaway?

a) Lots of laughter, bonding, and exploring new places together.

b) A mix of socializing, relaxation, and some personal downtime.

c) Mostly centred around self-care and rejuvenation.

Question 3: How do you feel about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new experiences?

a) I’m all for it – trying new things with my friends sounds exciting.

b) I’m open to it, but I also enjoy familiar and comfortable activities.

c) I prefer sticking to what I know and feel comfortable with.

Question 4: How well do you handle making group decisions and compromising?

a) I enjoy exchanging ideas and am open to finding a middle ground.

b) I’m okay with it, but I also appreciate some autonomy in decision-making.

c) I struggle with reaching consensus within a group and consistently making concessions.

Question 5: What’s your preferred level of spontaneity during a trip?

a) I’m very happy going with the flow and embracing spontaneous adventures.

b) I prefer a mix of planned activities and some flexibility.

c) I feel more comfortable with a well-structured itinerary.

Question 6: How important is having a supportive and uplifting environment during the trip?

a) Very important – I want to feel encouraged and inspired by my friends.

b) Moderately important – I appreciate positive vibes but also value personal space. c) Not very important – I don’t necessarily seek emotional support from my friends.

Question 7: How do you handle sharing living spaces and accommodations with others?

a) I’m comfortable sharing space and enjoy the camaraderie.

b) I don’t mind sharing, but I also appreciate having some personal space.

c) I prefer having my own private space and accommodations.

Question 8: How do you feel about engaging in social activities and meeting new people?

a) I enjoy meeting new people and making new connections.

b) I’m open to socializing, but I also value spending time with my close friends.

c) I prefer to stay within my circle.

Question 9: What’s your ideal length for a ladies’ getaway?

a) A few days to a week – enough time to bond and create memories.

b) A long weekend – a short break to recharge and have fun.

c) A night or two max – I’m a homebody at heart.

Question 10: How excited are you about the prospect of a ladies’ getaway?

a) Super excited – I can’t wait to have a blast with my friends.

b) Pretty excited – I’m looking forward to the experience.

c) Not that enthusiastic – I’m not sure if I will enjoy it.


– Mostly A’s: A ladies’ getaway is definitely for you! You value time spent with your friends, enjoy bonding, and are ready for a fun and adventurous trip with the girls.

– Mostly B’s: A ladies’ getaway could be a great choice! You appreciate spending time with friends, mixing relaxation with socializing, and having a balance of group activities and personal time.

– Mostly C’s: A ladies’ getaway might not be your top priority. While you value your friends, you may prefer other types of travel experiences or prioritize different aspects of your life.

“Remember, the decision to go on a getaway with friends depends on your preferences, circumstances, and how well the experience aligns with whom you desire to make magical and lasting memories with,” concludes Lamont.

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