Radisson Blu Hotels’ inner city spa experiences 

by Media Xpose

Amidst the hustle and bustle of some of South Africa’s busiest metropoles is a luxurious escape for business and leisure travellers within some Radisson Blu Hotels – spa offerings that will refresh and delight all travellers.

Providing guests with a holistic hospitality experience includes taking time and care to ensure that their culinary, person-to-person, in-room and added experiences during their stay are of the highest quality. With the addition of luxury spa experiences, travellers can enjoy the therapeutic experience of having their bodies and minds cared for by a team of world-class therapists.

Radisson Blu Hotels’ belief is that wellness should be experienced holistically. What this means is that the care experienced by guests is built across and within multiple dimensions. “A guest wellness experience begins from the moment they set foot on the Radisson Blu premises. From the relaxing scent of lemongrass and lavender as they enter the hotel lobby, to the warm smile offered from the concierge as they walk towards their spa experience.” says Sandra Kneubuhler, District Director for Radisson Hotel Group in South Africa. .

At Amani Spa and Wellness at Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, Radisson Blu Hotel Port Elizabeth and the View Spa at Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton, Johannesburg, each spa treatment has been designed to create lasting memories for guests and to truly give them a feeling of relaxation and an escape from the busy city. At Amani Spas, a signature African Botanicals range of aromatherapy oils and balms is infused with healing indigenous African florals. At both The View and Amani Spas, internationally renowned brands such as Babor and ESSE are used to provide premium skincare.

“Our signature corporate wellness packages encourage businesses to protect its most valuable assets – its employees and valued clients. Companies are able to invest in wellness programmes, which, in turn, fosters a strong culture as employees and clients realise that their physical, mental and spiritual well-being is valued by those who they work with and work for” says Sabashni Naidoo, Managing Director at Amani Spa Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront.

Amani Spa delivers truly relaxing journeys that are filled with life-changing experiences and extraordinary moments for our valuable clients and their teams in a fun and collaborative way.

For those in Cape Town, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront with an Amani Spa located on site. This spa is equipped with a signature Vitality Pool and Salt Room that provides a relaxing experience unlike any other. For a gentle escape in Port Elizabeth, guests can opt for the Rasul package, a cleansing journey in a steam room with a selection of self-application scrubs and body masks to nourish and hydrate skin followed by a tropical rain rinse, leaving a feeling of rejuvenation and care.

Locals and visitors to the City of Gold can enjoy a signature Vichy shower that provides a multi-sensory experience enhanced by steam, ice and heat at The View Spa in Johannesburg. Located on the 10th floor of Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton, this spa is the perfect escape from Jozi’s concrete jungle as visitors are able to enjoy stunning views of the city skyline and at night, its dazzling lights.

Radisson Hotels have the perfect blend of business, leisure and relaxation. Come and escape with us.

To book or for more information:

Amani Spa and Wellness at Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront – call 021 441 3332 or email capetown@amanispas.co.za

Amani Spa and Wellness at Radisson Blu Hotel Port Elizabeth – call 041 509 53 33 or email


The View Spa at Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton Johannesburg – call 010 226 9120 or email info@27pinkx.co.za

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