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15 March 2023: Thailand has seen its fair share of South African visitors since the lifting of lockdown, with travellers going in search of a destination that “has it all.” Among the most recent visitors to Thai shores was South African content creator and public figure, Nadia Jaftha who recently visited the island with her boyfriend, musician, singer and songwriter (and content creator ), Xavier Haupt, who were treated to an experience of Thai luxury, compliments of The Tourism Authority of Thailand and their travel partner, WOLO Travel.

Commenting on why Thailand is the destination of choice for sun-loving South Africans and couples is Sadudee Sangnil, Director at The Tourism Authority of Thailand in London, who explains: “Thailand is poised to serve the needs and whims of a diverse variety of travellers. Our accommodation and tourism specialists have crafted experiences to offer guests a holistic experience of luxury that touches on cuisine, culture, leisure and the best features of the natural landscape.”

So, what did Nadia and Xavier get up to?

  1. Enjoying gastronomic Thai experiences

Nadia and Xavier dined on a variety of delectable Thai meals throughout their stay at several of the Island’s award-winning restaurants, one of which offered rooftop dinners with views of the cityscape. They were joined by fellow content creators, Nuzhah Jacobs and Kelly KiKx. In addition to sky-high dining experiences, visitors to Thailand have the opportunity to dine on a variety of delicious street cuisine items and Michelin-starred experiences.

Take a look here:

More delicious street food dishes can be viewed in Nadia’s video here:

  1. A hotbed of Eastern culture

Adding an experience of local culture and spirituality into their trip, Nadia and Xavier visited the Chalong Temple, the Big Buddha statue and Phuket Old Town, all of which are landmarks of ancient Thai history. Part of their visit to these sites included entering the grand pagoda, world-renowned for its intricate gold leaf statues and striking architecture.

Check it their day’s activities here:

Nadia can be seen dancing down the streets of Phuket Old Town here:

  1. Perfect pics out into the big blue

Next, Nadia and Xavier could be seen exploring the beaches of the main island of Phuket, where they visited the Karon Viewpoint, Nai Harn Beach, Yanui Beach and Promthep Cape.  The pair also visited the Hong islands, a group of rocky outcrops off the coast of Krabi in southern Thailand, and a popular day-trip destination for travellers. The islands are known for their spectacular natural beauty and are fringed by rainforests and dotted with hidden lagoons. Nadia even went on to say that she “met Aquaman in Thailand”. Check out what she meant here:

We’re totally here for all the couple pics:


  1. Exploring Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands are some of the most famous Islands in Thailand and a firm favourite for South Africans visiting the country’s sunny shores. The pair enjoyed a day of boat riding and snorkelling in the pristine waters while on their trip to the islands. Xavier shares his experience here:

  1. “When you come (to) Thailand expecting a proposal”

With Nadia and Xavier looking to round up their experience of The Land of Smiles soon and share their experience of what love on the lagoon has been like, the question of an engagement remains a lingering possibility (as Nadia joked on social media). Will Xavier be inspired by surf and sand to pop the golden question? Only time will tell…

Take a look:

*Disclaimer: “isssasa joooooke!”

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