Charting New Heights in Tourism: TMACC’s Approach to Attracting New Fans

By Wahida Parker Managing Director, Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company (TMACC)

by Media Xpose

In the dynamic sphere of tourism, sparking the curiosity of new explorers calls for imagination, flexibility, and a profound appreciation of diverse interests.

As the proud co-custodians of both one of the world’s premier cableways and the mountainous sanctuary in which it is nestled, TMACC has learned a thing or two about expanding the appeal of tourism-sector offerings, and we’re eager to share our insights.

TMACC’s Adaptability Approach

The cornerstone of TMACC’s approach to welcoming new fans lies in our commitment to adaptability. This isn’t about discarding what has worked in the past, but about blending tradition with innovation to meet the ever-evolving needs of our guests. Elegantly fusing traditional tastes with contemporary cuisine trends, TMACC’s revamped Food & Beverage offerings – and the new summit eateries in which they are housed – showcase our innovative approach. Our beautiful buildings at the top of the mountain offer views that are picture postcard perfect, and our recent updates and upgrades mean we can now also host larger gatherings and conferences for guests. Great food, gorgeous views, and unique concepts make for an ideal location to have any event.

For burgeoning SMMEs, the takeaway is clear: stay alert to market changes and be ready to reinvent and adapt. That said, always stay true to your brand values, and work to preserve your core identity.

Crafting Unforgettable Experiences: A Path to Differentiation

The secret sauce to TMACC’s enduring appeal resides in our ability to deliver unforgettable one-of-a-kind experiences. This isn’t about outspending competitors on the flashiest features, but about leveraging what makes us unique. We offer curated events like moonlit cableway rides and interactive educational tours around our ecosystem for school learners: tailored experiences that provide visitors with memorable, share-worthy experiences. The key lesson we’ve learned is to identify the x-factor that sets your tourism brand apart, and then proceed to build extraordinary experiences around that USP.

Strength in Collaboration and Strategic Alliances

TMACC’s growth strategy has always emphasised the power of partnerships. We believe in a collaborative SMME ecosystem in which everyone thrives. By joining forces with local businesses, influencers, and environmental organisations, we enhance our services while promoting sustainable tourism. TMACC encourages the tourism sector to apply this principle by seeking symbiotic relationships: partnerships that mutually amplify reach and impact, and simultaneously contribute positively to the local community.

Preserving Beauty: Our Commitment to Sustainability

At TMACC, we see ourselves as more than just cableway operators. We are co-guardians of a majestic wonder of nature. This role instilled in us a strong commitment to sustainability, long before it was trendy. Fortunately, our cherished ethos resonates deeply with modern, conscious travellers. Integrating sustainable practices isn’t just about ticking a CSE box; it’s about living and breathing your values in your daily work, and at a strategic business level, it’s about future-proofing your operations, and attracting a growing market segment who are genuinely committed to responsible travel.

We’ve learned that the path to business growth in tourism hinges on adaptability, authenticity, collaboration, and sustainability. TMACC are excited to be on this shared journey towards a more sustainable tourism landscape alongside all our sister businesses in SA’s vibrant travel and tourism sector. The future is bright, and the coming years will present a chance for South Africa to shine as a leading attraction on the global stage.

  • Parker is the Managing Director of the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company.

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